A healthy smile
greatly contributes to
your quality of life

Working for a future
where all people in the world
share the joy of health

GC always pursues the
excellence in quality to
maintain customer trust

Power of Nakama is
supporting the global
Century of Health

The Award Ceremony for the 43rd “2022 Japan BtoB Advertising Awards” was held.

The award ceremony for the 43rd “2022 Japan BtoB Advertising Awards” hosted by BtoB Advertising Association Japan was held on June 2, 2022, at Royal Park Hotel (Nihonbashi, Tokyo), and GC’s 100th anniversary book “Smile for the World” was awarded Special Jury Award.

In addition to “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award,” ”Special Jury Awards,” “SDGs Awards,” and “Encouragement Awards,” “Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards” respectively for 13 categories were selected from 279 entries, and the representatives from advertisers and production companies received the award plaques at the presentation ceremony.

The representatives from the advertiser (Mr. Masayuki Nakagawa, Managing Director of GC, on the left) and the production company (Mr. Tetsuro Yamaguchi, Director of Dental Diamond, on the right) received the award plaque.
Award plaque

This book was created to share with you what we have cherished from our founding, and how we commit ourselves to making products and providing services with ever-lasting passion, explaining the three key words to describe GC: “SEMUI,” “Nakama (GC Associates),” and “Vision Management” with popular classic stories for generations.

On the back, as an illustration of the near future, we expressed GC’s efforts made with products and services all around the world to realize oral health which should be essential for “smiling,” “eating,” and “speaking” in people’s life, hoping for a realization of a “healthy and happy world where everyone can smile.”

GC Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on 11th February, 2021, and announced the new Vision 2031 “To become the leading dental company committed to realizing a healthy and long-living society”. GC group will continue united efforts to realize this Vision, contributing to health and smile of the people around the world.
We look forward to your continued support going forward.

GC’s 100th anniversary book『Smile for the World』

The digital book version is available here.

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