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Education at GC

GC is committed to communication with dental professionals and customers in order to achieve further development in dentistry. We initiate many seminars, lectures and training at GC sites and at congresses and exhibitions all over the world. We provide these opportunities not only to supply information about our products, but also to enable dental professionals to exchange their knowledge and experience.

Trainings at GC Corporate Center

The upper floors of our headquarters, GC Corporate Center, are dedicated to both communication with our customers and education ofdental professionals and students. We provide hands-on seminars on our products and often invite prominent guest speakers to give lectures to other dental professionals. GC Corporate Center not only has seminar rooms and hands-on rooms that are equipped with complete doctor/assistant units, but also a laboratory corner with test machines and equipment that our R&D uses to test and validate our materials.

Training at GC Corporate Center

GC Campus

GC Europe Campus in Leuven was established in 2008. The campus provides training facilities where dental professionals and other interested parties can attend various courses. Our trainers and guest speakers are dedicated to providing the participants with the necessary practical skills that will allow them to expand their knowledge. The training facilities are continuously extended and are now available in Spain as well. Additional centers at other GC sites are in the planning stage.

Training at GCE Campus

International Dental Symposium

GC organizes the International Dental Symposium every five years to commemorate the anniversary of the GC Membership Society in Japan. The 3rd International Dental Symposium was held in 2011. Close to 5,000 people attended the symposium and 29 sessions were held with the participation of 70 speakers from Japan and the rest of the world. At the same time the symposium for non-dental professionals was held for people to learn about oral health. Earlier in 2011, Japan had been hit by the enormous earthquake and tsunami, which had had severe consequences. All of the participants’ fee were donated to the restoration of the affected areas.

In November 2016, the 4th International Dental Symposium will be held in Tokyo again.

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3rd International Dental Symposium