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Collaboration with Numerous Organizations

GC works and collaborates closely with other organizations, such as dental schools and associations, to achieve the common goals. In 2015, FDI and GC launched the joint project Oral Health for Ageing Populations (OHAP). The project involves a total of 20 experts from around the globe and discusses the oral health challenges and strategies in the growing elderly population.

The Toshio Nakao Chair at University of Leuven, Belgium, was established in 1999 and is led by Prof. B. Van Meerbeek,  a world-renowned professor of dental adhesives. At Tohoku University in Japan, the Department of Next Generation Dental Materials Research has been established by GC with the aim of realizing the dream of a healthy and long-living society through the research of dental equipment and materials that contribute significantly to oral health care.

Many successful researches have contributed and a vast array of papers has been published from these research groups.

Opening Conference of Oral Health for Ageing Populations in Lucerne, Switzerland