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Minimal Intervention Concept

As a dental company, GC is a pioneer in taking the initiative not only to advance product development but also to support the evolution of the latest concept of dentistry, namely ‘Minimal Intervention dentistry’.

GC instituted our unique MI (Minimal Intervention) concept in 2000 by rephrasing the original MI concept proposed by the FDI in 1999 and defining the three approaches of ‘Identify’, ‘Prevention’ and ‘Treatment & Control’ to better fit the clinical situation. Since then, GC’s MI concept has always formed the basis of our product development.

To integrate this MI concept into practice, GC Europe MI Advisory Board established the Minimal Intervention Treatment Plan (MITP) as a guide for the implementation of the MI philosophy into routine dental practice. Thanks to this systematic approach, the processes of diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control can become a regular part of dental care.

Minimal Intervention Concept