Working for a future
where all people in the world
share the joy of health

Working for a future where all people
in the world share the joy of health

History of GC Corporation

The origins of GC Corporation lie in Tokyo. This is where three young Japanese chemists laid the foundation in 1921 for what is one of the world’s largest and most successful suppliers of dental products today. The long history illustrates the efforts and achievements of GC Corporation.

In 2016, we published ’95 Years GC Corporation’, a lavishly illustrated history of the company to commemorate its 95th anniversary. You can access the electronic version of the book from the link below. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to share GC’s history with you. Enjoy reading!

Download ’95 Years GC Corporation’ Book

’95 Years GC Corporation’


  • 95th anniversary of GC Corporation


  • FDI and GC establish the new project ‘Oral Health for an Aging Population Partnership’
  • GCC introduces a new “functional management model
  • GCC puts a ‘revised and simplified wholesale system’ in operation


  • GC Corporation is ranked 2nd in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GCA is awarded the Deming Prize
  • GC India receives ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification


  • GCE opens a new administrativ center in Leuven
  • GC International AG established in Lucerne, Switzerland, as the new management platform to lead activities in Europe, the US and Asia
  • GC R&D Center in Tokyo wins 26th Nikkei ‘New Office Promotion Award’
  • GCE is one of the 10 finalists at EFQM ‘Excellence Award’
  • Dr. Kiyotaka NAKAO installed as fifthpresident and CEO of GC Corporation, his father-in-law Makoto NAKAO functions as chairman of GC Corporation and additional CEO and president of GC International AG in Lucerne


  • President Makoto NAKAO receives thr Deming Prize for individuals
  • GC Corporate Center in Hongo wins the 53rd BCS Prize
  • GC Corporation is ranked 6th in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GC India incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Company


  • 90th anniversary
  • International Symposium celebrates 55th anniversary of the GC Membership Society
  • GC Corporate Center openes in Hongo, Tokyo
  • Vision 2021 kicks off


  • GC Corporation is ranked 3rd in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey. 1st in the subcategory ranking ‘New Product Development’ and 4th in ‘Quality Assurance and Staff Promotion’
  • GC Dental (Suzhou) receives the Deming Prize (GCSZ)
  • GCT Membership Society achieves 1,700 members (GCT)
  • 10th anniversary of GC Taiwan Green Society (GCT)


  • GC Corporation is ranked 12th in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GCE receives EFQM ‘Recognized for Excellence’ award
  • GC Australasia Dental Pty. Ltd. established in Sydney, Australia


  • GC Corporation is ranked 8th in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GC Corporation receives award for Excellence in Innovation from the Australian government
  • ‘GC Europe Campus, Meeting and Education Center’ established in Leuven, Belgium
  • GC Shanghai Co., Ltd. closed (GCSZ)
  • GC Asia Dental – branch established in Hyderabad, India


  • GC Advanced Technologies Inc. established
  • GC Corporation is ranked 14th in JUSE and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GCE awarded EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management)
  • ‘Committed to Excellence’ award
  • GC Austrian, GC Benelux Office and GC Nordic AB established
  • GC Brazil established
  • GCK’s 20th anniversary (GCK)
  • Busan and Guwangju office established (GCK)
  • ‘GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.’ merges with ‘GC Shanghai Co., Ltd.’ (GCSZ)


  • 85th anniversary of GC Corporation
  • 50th anniversary of the GC Membership Society
  • 60th anniversary of the GC Authorized Dealer Agreement System
  • GC Spain and GC Iberic branches established
  • GC Advanced Technologies Inc. established
  • KGMP (Korean Good Manufacturing Practice) certification acquires (GCK)


  • President Makoto NAKAO appointed sixth chairman of JDTA (Japan Dental Trade Association)
  • GC Corporation is ranked 18th in JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers) and Nikkei’s Corporate Quality Management Survey
  • GCSZ acquires ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certification (GCSZ)


  • GC Corporation acquires ISO 14001 certification
  • GC awarded ‘Japan Quality Medal’ (only the 18th company in the world to win the pinnacle of quality control)
  • Nagoya office completed in Aichi, Japan
  • GCE acquires ISO 14001 certification


  • GC Dental Products Corporation receives the ‘Deming Prize’
  • 20th anniversary of Makoto NAKAO as president and CEO of GC Corporation
  • GC Corporation awarded ISO 13485 certification
  • GCT Membership Society founded with 500 people registered (GCT)
  • GC Shanghai Co., Ltd.(GCSZ) established
  • GC Asia Dental – India liaison office established
  • GC Asia Dental enters joint venture in Cooperative Research Centre for Oral Health Science with the School of Dental Science, University of Melbourne, Australia


  • GC Europe’s logistics center opens in Leuven, Belgium
  • GCA acquires ISO 13485 certification
  • GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (GCSZ) established
  • Launch of Tooth Mousse in Oceania, Asia region


  • GC Symposium held in Berlin in celebration of GC’s 80th anniversary in conjunction with the 3rd European Adhesive Dentistry
  • GC America logistic center opens headquarters


  • GC Corporation awarded the deming Prize’
  • Beijing Office established (GCSZ)
  • GC Asia receives a letter of appreciation from Nepal


  • Introduction of ERP
  • GCA awarded a ‘Vendor’ from Henry Schein and an ‘Excellent Nakama training’ from the Economic Development Committee


  • Start of co-development with PLANMECA
  • Fuji-Oyama factory receives ISO 9001 certification
  • GCE acquires ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification
  • GC Asia Dental Pte., Ltd. moves to Changi Logistics Center Singapore


  • GC Israel branch established in Tel Aviv


  • First International Dental Symposium held to celebrate 40th anniversary of the GC Membership Society and 75th anniversary of GC Corporation
  • GCE’s 25th anniversary
  • Third European factory completed
  • European Conformity certificate acquired
  • President Makoto NAKAO elected as honorary member of ADA (American Dental Association)


• GC Quality Control becomes GC Quality Management


  • Dental industry’s first company to acquire ISO 9001 certification
  • President Makoto NAKAO assumes chairmanship of IDM (International Dental Manufacturers Federation)
  • Second European factory completed
  • GC Europe Holding Company (GC Europe SA) established in Luxemburg. Branches and sales offices converted into independent corporate entities in sequence (GC France SA, GC Germany GmbH)
  • GC Belgium acquires ISO 9002 certification
  • GC Asia Dental Pte., Ltd. in Singapore established


  • Distribution center in Fuji-Oyama factory completed
  • GC UK office established in Newport Pagnell, UK
  • GCA acquires ISO 9001 certification
  • GC Korea established in Seoul


  • The world’s first light-cured glass ionomer filling material, ‘Fuji Ionomer II LC’ launched
  • GC Italy established in Milan
  • ‘Coe Laboratories Inc.’ renamed ‘GC America Inc.’ Main office / factory and logistic center move to Alsip, Illinois
  • Artificial tooth factory closed and GCT moves to Zhonghe City (GCT)


  • Company renamed ‘GC Corporation’
  • Introduction of corporate identity (including company philosophy, name, brand and corporate color) as a part of Vision 2000
  • 19 Korean dealers visit Fuji-Oyama factory
  • Import business from Taiwan branch started, products sold to Taiwan dealers through Nisseido (GCT)


  • GC Dental Industrial Corp. merge with ‘Coe Laboratories Inc.’


  • First European factory built in Belgium, which starts to ship ‘GC Vest’ (made-in-Belgium product) from European factory


  • GC Hong Kong Branch established (GCSZ)
  • GC Taiwan Corporation established as artificial tooth factory in Sindian City (GCT)


  • Todent Korea (predecessor of GC Korea) established


  • 65th anniversary ceremony
  • GC visits 20,646 customers throughout Japan and the gained information is analyzed to improve operations
  • GC Germany established in Hofheim


  • GC European branch (GCE) completed, moves from Kortrijk to Leuven, Belgium, and opens a warehouse
  • US facility expanded


  • Makoto NAKAO installed as fourth president. Former President Toshio NAKAO passes away


  • 60th anniversary
  • President Toshio NAKAO announces the concept of GQC (GC’s Quality Control)
  • GCI US Branch established in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Joins ADTA (American Dental Trade Association) as the first Japanese dental company


  • Increasing international exchanges


  • Evolutionary new glass ionomer cement ‘Fujiionomer’ launched


  • Fuji-Oyama factory completed in Oyama, Shizuoka
  • Chairman and former President Kiyoshi NAKAO passes away


  • GCI French sales office opened in Paris, France


  • Company renamed ‘GC Dental Industrial Corporation’
  • ‘GC Dental Equipment Corporation’ established


  • GCI establishes a European branch (GCE) in Kortrijk, Belgium


  • GC International Corporation (GCI) established


  • Founder Tokuemon MIZUNO passes away


  • New plant completed in Itabashi, Tokyo, with enshrined ‘Gigeiten’ statue


  • Kiyoshi NAKAO installed as chairman, Toshio NAKAO installed as third president


  • Office in Osaka completed


  • 40th anniversary
  • Special lectures organized to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the ‘GC Membership Society’


  • R&D Center completed in Itabashi, Tokyo, with enshrined ‘Yumetagai Kwannon’ statue


  • ‘GC Toushi Kogyo Corporation’ established in Kasugai, Aichi


  • ‘GC Membership Society’ founded with 3,600 members


  • President Kiyoshi NAKAO receives the Medal of Honor with green ribbon from the Japanese government


  • American dentistry delegation (Dr. George Pfaffenbarger) visits Japan’s dental industry
  • Development of new products that meet ADA standards, ‘Blue Band Series’


  • Economic boom due to special procurements by Korean war


  • Firm for manufacturing porcelain teeth completed
  • ‘Plastone’ hard dental plaster launched


  • Company renamed ‘GC Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.’
  • Kiyoshi NAKAO installed as second president
  • ‘GC Authorized Dealer Agreement System’ founded with 200 dealers


  • 20th anniversary
  • Company renamed ‘GC Chemicals Research Laboratory’


  • New firm completed in Itabashi, Tokyo. From Ikebukuro to Itabashi. Total number of Associates: 45


  • Exports started, sales channels to major markets sought, GC logo changed


  • Incorporated as a joint-stock company with Yoshinosuke ENJO as first president and Kiyoshi NAKAO as executive director


  • First success launched with ‘Crystalline Cement’


  • First product, ‘Standard Cement’, fails to establish itself on the market


  • ‘GC Chemical Research Laboratory’ established in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
  • Zinc phosphate cement developed


  • Prospectus of development and manufacture of dental materials