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High Quality Products for Dentists and Dental Technicians

GC’s product range includes our famous glass ionomers and numerous products required for digital dentistry among many others. All our goods are of a guaranteed quality.

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GC Dental Care's Range of Products

Materials for the Practice

GC delivers the world’s number one products. Due to the combination of core technologies, accumulated over our 95-year-old history, and the brand new technologies obtained by daily research efforts.

Materials for the Laboratory

GC creates products with sophisticated designs and high quality in every detail to meet the demands of dental technicians the world over.

Dental Equipment

Our original technology provides comfortable space for examination and treatment. Moreover, it relieves the burden on both practitioners and patients.

Functional Packages

At GC, we develop delivery systems and packaging materials that are designed to protect our products, are easy to handle and which minimize waste.


We provide excellent products to enable reliable implant treatment, which is supported by evidence, in order to maintain and greatly improve the patient’s quality of life.

Digital Products

We work in order to increase the choice of treatment for both dental professionals and patients in the Century of Health.