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Japan Dental Show 2016 was successfully held in Tokyo, Japan

The Japan Dental Show 2016 was held in Tokyo on July 18th and 19th with 193 companies’ exhibitions and 23,225 attendees. The Japan Dental Show is held once every four years, but this year, two exhibitions hold place; one in Tokyo and the other one in Fukuoka in October.

At the GC booth, we made some corners for attendees so that they were able to find the products they desired to see. In the “Digital Dentistry” area, the brand-new stone model scanner “Aadva IOS” was introduced for the first time in the Japanese market. We also introduced the new chairside CAD/CAM system “Planmeca FIT”, the new implant “IMPLANT Aadva”, and many more.

In the “New Insurance Applied Products” area, attendees were able to get explanations and try products that are applied for Japanese National Insurance from 2016 onwards.

In the “Prevention Goods” area, a brief lecture was held by GC’s dental hygienists about Ruscello series, which marked his 10th anniversary this year. In addition, those who posted nail stickers, which we gifted on their SNS, can get additional presents.

In the “Clinical Materials and Lab Work Materials” area, new products, such as “TEMPSMART”, which is for auto-mixing resin composite for provisional restoration, and Initial LiSi press, which is the new pressed ceramic with high aesthetical and wear resistance feature, were presented. For dental technicians, an Initial LiSi demonstration seminar was held, too.

We also held three seminars: The first seminar was called “Advantages for Initial LiSi Press System”, and was held by Tatsuya Ozawa RDT in the Harajuku Dental Office. The second seminar, “Effective Use of the Check System of Masticate Function with Patients Who Use Plate Denture”, was presented by Prof. Hiroshi Shiga in The Nippon Dental University. Lastly, the seminar “Daily Clinic of Prosthesis with the Latest CAD/CAM System” by Dr. Nobuya Kitahara in Team Tokyo Nobu Reatorative Detal Office was held. A vast array of people attended the seminars.

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