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GC was ranked 2nd in the 10th Quality Management Level Research 2018!

The result of the 10th Quality Management Level Research in 2018 conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and sponsored by Nikkei Inc. was announced on November 28. We are quite pleased that GC was highly evaluated and ranked 2nd, following the first place in 2016 and the second place in 2014. GC is proud of being the only company ranked top 10 for five times in a row.

There are six major categories to evaluate: 1. Commitment of Top Management, 2. Dissemination of Quality Management, 3. Cultivation of human resources for realization of quality management, 4. Establishment and thorough implementation of a process, 5. Creation of customer value and 6. Collaboration capability among departments. The ranking is based on the analysis of these six categories, and GC received following high evaluations.

Commitment of Top Management (2nd)
Dissemination of Quality Management (1st)
Cultivation of human resources for realization of quality management (3rd)
Establishment and thorough implementation of a process (8th)
Creation of customer value (3rd)
Collaboration capability among departments (5th)

In the newspaper “The Nikkei Sangyo”, the reasons for the high evaluation were highlighted as follows: GC set long-term target to evaluate its corporate quality, introduced a system to certify Global GQM (GC’s Quality Management) Promoters, and conducted Global Customer Satisfaction Survey. These efforts are highly evaluated as a basis for the corporate quality. Here is the list of the top 10 companies from the overall ranking.

1.Konica Minolta, Inc.
2.GC Corporation
3.Canon Inc.
4.Takenaka Corporation
5.ROHM Co., Ltd.
6.Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
7.Sekisui House, Ltd.
8.Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
9.Kirin Holdings Company, Ltd.
10.Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
10.NEC Corporation

GC received the “Deming Application Prize” (current Deming Prize) in 2000, and the “Japan Quality Medal” (current Deming Grand Prize), the highest honor of Japan’s TQM, in 2004. Furthermore, within GC Group, GC Dental Products Corporation received the “Deming Application Prize” in 2003, GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. received the “Deming Application Prize” in 2010, and GC America Inc. received the Deming Prize in 2014. For the recognition by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), GC Europe was selected as one of the finalists of the Excellence Award in 2013, and won the “Prize in Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity” in 2016. Chairman Makoto Nakao received the Deming Prize for Individuals in 2012 for spearheading GC Group’s efforts for promotion of TQM and building it into a global company over thirty years. Furthermore, Chairman Nakao received the “Marcos E.J. Bertin Quality in Governance Medal” from the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) in 2016.

Through continuous promotion of GC’s Quality Management (GQM), GC would like to step up company-wide efforts for quality management and fulfill customer expectations.

Your continued support would be much appreciated.

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