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GC Group Adopts New Group Management Structure

 Focusing on the next 100 years, GC Corporation and the GC Group set their management goals through 2031 and announced Vision 2031 in February 2021. To adapt to the upcoming era, GC has tackled Corporate Transformation and established a “2-Tier” Group management structure by locating the heart of GC Group management at GC International AG in Switzerland (Luzern) and forming the Board, which includes outside directors, and the Executive Committee there. Sharply separating the authorization role and the executive role between the two tiers, the Board and the Executive Committee, we aim to increase objectivity and transparency and strengthen Corporate Governance through swift decision-making and actions when it comes to major issues for the Group.

 After the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on December 23, 2022, the four Function Owners left the Board of GC Corporation (Japan) and transferred to GC International AG to start operating as full-scale members of the Executive Committee and making executive decisions for the whole GC Group.

 With determination, GC endeavors to further to meet the goal of Vision 2031, “To become the leading dental company committed to realizing a healthy and long-living society.” Your continued inspiration and support towards this goal is most appreciated.

Board members: Makoto Nakao, Chief Corporate Adviser and Chairman of the Board; Kiyotaka Nakao, President & Chief Executive Officer; and outside directors.
Executive Committee members: Kiyotaka Nakao, President & Chief Executive Officer; and Function Owners, who supervise major functions in a cross-group manner.
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