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Foundation Nakao was interviewed and covered by Dental Tribune International

“Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health” was interviewed by Dental Tribune International. The foundation was founded by GC Corporation’s Chief Corporate Advisor Makoto Nakao in Switzerland. The interview covers the background of the establishment and its future activities.

Interview by Dental Tribune International

In this interview, the foundation announced that detailed procedure and the criteria for applying for funding had been decided at the board meetings. The foundation is commencing full-fledged activities at last and shortly announcing application process on its website.


*In 2018, GC’s Chief Corporate Advisor Makoto Nakao established “Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health” in Switzerland donating his own asset in order to make a further contribution to the global dentistry. Based on the belief that improving QOL is essential for realizing a true healthy ageing society amid this era of 100-year life and further improving oral health is the mission for current and future dentistry, the foundation operates with the aim of promoting academic research and clinical research on new treatment as well as raising awareness about new facts, in view of challenges in our environment as below:
* Promoting Minimum Intervention (MI) Concept
* Shift to tooth functionality (focus on functionality)
* Further promoting the 8020 movement to increase the number of people with more than 20 own teeth at the age of 80
* Prevention of oral frailty
* Improvement of oral health among people across the world
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