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OHAP: Oral Health of Ageing Populations Partnership Season 2 kick-off meeting was held.

The kick-off meeting for OHAP Partnership Season 2 was held online on 25th August, 2021 with 13 participants from the United States, Europe and Japan, including FDI President Dr. Seeberger and GC International AG President and CEO Kiyotaka Nakao.

The OHAP Partnership was launched by FDI and GC Corporation to improve the awareness of dentists and people about the need for research on oral health prevention and treatments for the elderly, in the context of an ageing society. In Season 1, OHAP Project task team published “Oral health for an ageing population: Evidence for a fundamental human right” in the International Dental Journal and have accumulated evidence on the extension of healthy longevity and the key role of oral health. In addition, the team also published a chairside guidebook that summarizes treatment guidelines according to the health condition and the level of need for long-term care of elderly patients.

FDI adopted “Oral health for healthy ageing” as a policy statement in 2015, and held symposiums on the theme of “Oral health for an ageing society” at the 2016 World Dental Conference, “Clinical strategies for improving oral health in elderly people” in 2017, and “World Human Health Forum- An in-depth look at oral health and healthy ageing-” in 2018 to promote understanding of the ageing society and oral health. The outcomes were presented in September 2019 at the FDI World Dental Conference symposium on ” Oral Health for Healthy Ageing -5 Years of Promotion, Prevention and Solutions-“.

In this kick-off meeting, Makiko Nakao, President of Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health, which was established by our Chief Corporate Advisor, Makoto Nakao, shared an idea of an environment surrounding the elderly under COVID-19 pandemic. And further expressed her contemplation on dental practice to propel new health promotions such as “New Normal”. The Foundation held a Management Board meeting on 25th March, 2021 with the participation of all board members of the Foundation and has decided to include the OHAP Partnership Season 2 project in the second Foundation Nakao Grant.


GC Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on 11th February, 2021, and announced as a new Vision 2031 “To become the leading dental company committed to realizing a healthy and long-living society”. The entire group will work together to realize this Vision and continue to proactively contribute to the response to oral health problems of the elderly and to support the vitality of people around the world.

FDI President Dr. Gerhard Seeberger
Kick-Off meeting of OHAP Season 2
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