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Nakao Foundation Holds 3rd Management Board Meeting

The 3rd Management Board Meeting of Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health, which GC’s Chief Corporate Advisor Makoto Nakao has established in Switzerland, was held online connecting all regions in the world.
First, Management Board was held on March 25, 2021, with all directors participating, and seven projects were selected as the second Grant Projects from the 159 projects submitted last December.
Subsequently, Foundation Board Meeting was held in Luzern on March 26, 2021, and the seven Grant Projects and related financial matters were approved. The seven Grant Winners are slated for announcement at the end of April when final confirmation is completed, but Foundation Nakao is reportedly concerned of delay in compiling the future research results spending too much time in the final contract stage due to COVID-19.

Foundation Nakao says the 3rd Grant Application is currently scheduled to be open for 67 days from September 21 to November 24, 2021, and they look forward to your application.

*In 2018, GC’s Chief Corporate Advisor Makoto Nakao established “Foundation Nakao for Worldwide Oral Health” in Switzerland donating his own asset in order to make a further contribution to the global dentistry. Based on the belief that improving QOL is essential for realizing a true healthy ageing society amid this era of 100-year life and further improving oral health is the mission for current and future dentistry, the foundation operates with the aim of promoting academic research and clinical research on new treatment as well as raising awareness about new facts, in view of challenges in our environment as below:
* Promoting Minimum Intervention (MI) Concept
* Shift to tooth functionality (focus on functionality)
* Further promoting the 8020 movement to increase the number of people with more than 20 own teeth at the age of 80
* Prevention of oral frailty
* Improvement of oral health among people across the world

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