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Dr. Iñaki Gamborena Special Lecture, Tokyo, Japan

The Dr. Iñaki Gamborena Special Lecture was held at the Tokyo International Forum on May 22, following the Dr. Iñaki Gamborena Special Hands-on on May 20 as the first program in GC’s 95th anniversary and the GC Membership Society’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

Dr. Gamborena presented a lecture on aesthetic prosthesis and restorations with various materials, with a focus on treatment of a wide range of patient cases from simple to complex.

First, he spoke about direct composite resin restoration techniques. He explained through case studies how to eliminate a black triangle between central incisors with orthodontic treatment, composite resin restoration, and connective tissue graft. He also commented on the importance of collaboration with orthodontists and long-term restorative stability based on patients’ wishes. He said that it is also important for clinical dentists to make a wax model mock-up with a clear picture of the final restoration in mind before proceeding with the final treatment.

Next, he explained about material selection, and the decision of design and thickness. The position of the gingival margin should be determined taking into account the finishing line, since it varies depending on surrounding light, smile line, gingival color, and thickness.

He said that the aesthetic outcome, natural appearance of the implant, and tooth-supported restoration depend decisively on the execution and understanding of the laboratory technician in the different treatment phases. He emphasized the importance of cooperation with dental technicians for the best result of abutment tooth color on final restoration. He stressed that mutual understanding on how best to implement prosthetic treatment based on gingival conditions leads to aesthetic success.

Attendees visited GC’s exhibition booth to look at the new products introduced in Dr. Gamborena’s lecture, such as Initial LiSi and GC Optiglaze Color, and composite resins, including GC Essentia and G-ænial Sculpt.

The 4th International Dental Symposium, which is the second program of GC’s 95th anniversary and the GC Membership Society’s 60th anniversary celebrations, will be held in Tokyo on November 12 and 13, 2016. For more information about the symposium and registration details, please visit our corresponding website.

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