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Brainstorming Meeting with IADR Geriatric Oral Research Group

On February 2-3, 2017, we gathered in Lucerne, Switzerland to brainstorm how to approach the oral health of aging population in the global society. The meeting was coordinated together with IADR Geriatric Oral Research Group. Prof. Jukka Meurman the president of IADR selected the 5 prominent members from the Geriatric Oral Research Group to share their knowledge and ideas. Dr. Hiroshi Ogawa, Dental Officer of World Health Organization also joined to share the view and role of WHO in this global task.

We are looking forward to unveil the outcome of the brainstorming session and this will hopefully contribute to the future with people enjoying the long healthy lives.

Group picture
Group picture
Discussions led by Prof. Meurman
Discussions led by Prof. Meurman
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