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4th International Dental Symposium

The 4th International Dental Symposium commemorating GC CORPORATION 95th Anniversary and GC Membership society 60th Anniversary was held in Tokyo, Japan.

On November 12th and 13th, we held GC CORPORATION 95th anniversary and GC Membership Society 60th anniversary. The 4th International Dental Symposium in Tokyo International Forum and JP Tower Hall Conference “KITTE”.

This symposium included various fields of lectures with 85 speakers, who are researchers and clinicians, and 18 sessions for dentists, 5 sessions for dental hygienists, and 5 sessions for dental technicians. Moreover, 4 sessions were held as international sessions. 14 speakers from all over the world were lecturing about the cutting edge of dentistry.

Additionally, in the basement floor of Tokyo International Forum, the “GC Dental Show” was held. There was not only an exhibition for trying different materials, but there was also space for holding seminars and events, which could be visited by all members. GC group companies and partner companies were also in exhibition; GC I Communications, Dental Diamond, Japan Dental Supply, GC Ortholy, Showa Yakuhin Kako, Glaxo Smith Kline et cetera.

Lab Work Award, which is the dental technician’s contest, was also held in the JP Tower Hall Conference “KITTE”. After voted by attendees, we announced the rewarded works in each section for the competition in the ceremony.

On February 5th 2017, we will hold “MI world symposium” as the 3rd programme commemorating GC CORPORATION 95th anniversary and GC Membership Society 60th anniversary. We are looking forward to welcoming you with the symposium talking about MI for the future clinical dentistry.

Opening Ceremony
Dr. Shigeo Sugiyama
Dr. Patrick Hescot
Dr. Jukka H. Meurman
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